FirmTools Panorama Composer

What's new in this release

Version 3.1

This minor version release contains several bug-fixes and changes/optimization in memory usage.

  1. Fixed window size of the product on Windows Vista with High DPI display settings;
  2. Fixed the inability to create a new stitching profile in some cases;
  3. Corrected the file extension handling during the “Export to HTML...” operations;
  4. Fixed inability to save the resulting panorama several times in different formats (out of memory issue);
  5. Fixed the “Create Z-Buffer Failed” error in DirectX viewer specific to some nVidia card models;
  6. Memory usage refactored and optimized, “Out of Memory” error handlers added.

Version 3.0

  1. Photo filenames added on the second wizard step to make image ordering easier.
  2. You can manually correct the automatic focal length detection to get better results in case of using wide-angle or telephoto lens.
  3. Three new cross-browser webpage viewers added:
  4. You can fine tune all available parameters or create your own personal “stitching profile”.
  5. Memory usage was optimized and reduced; that allows you to create panoramas with very high resolution (real test—full 360 degrees panorama from 14 megapixel photos).
  6. A previously stitched panorama can be used in the project and thus saved as an HTML page or a standalone executable viewer.
  7. Web page saving option makes use of template files that gives you easy design customization.
  8. The installation procedure slightly changed and improved.

Version 2.0

  1. “High Contrast” user interface mode added for clearer look.
  2. You can zoom in/out the result preview on the final wizard step.
  3. JPEG quality and the final panorama size settings added in the “Save” dialog box.
  4. The issue with “horizontal lines” appeared on the stitch was fixed.
  5. Minor bugs with the Flash detection fixed.