FirmTools Panorama Composer


With help of FirmTools Panorama Composer you can transform a sequence of photos into one panoramic picture. The stitched pan can be saved as a single JPEG file, as a web-ready HTML page or as a standalone EXE application. You can send the created panorama to your friends by email and they can view it without any special programs installed.

You can create great panoramic views from photos taken with any kind of camera. The only thing you suggested to know is how to take photos for a panorama.

The product comes with a straightforward 100% visual wizard-based interface with just three easy steps:

  1. Load your images into the application;
  2. Place them in the correct order;
  3. Preview and save the resulting panorama optimized for your needs.

Program features

System requirements

Adobe Flash Player (previously known as Macromedia Flash Player) for the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser exactly is required. If you are using any other web browser as a default one you have to start the Internet Explorer and open the following URL: