How to get better results?

If you are not happy with the resulting stitched panorama or get poor quality, misaligned or grainy results then try the following advices.

First of all please make sure that you arrange your photos in the correct order on the Arrange your photos wizard step, the same as you shoot your sequence.

In addition please check the following tips on making shoots for panorama and if it is possible, please try to reshoot the sequence with the above tips in mind.

  1. Try another standard stitching profile. Here is the list of standard profiles and recommendations of their use:
    Suitable for almost all shooting conditions (from hands or using a tripod) with good photos overlapping (30-50%).
    No deviation
    This profile is recommended in case of using a tripod while shooting. It ignores the possible camera rotation during the stitching process.
    Quick calculation
    Recommended for creating a draft of the panorama when you are using high resolution photos to check if the photos are ordered correctly.
    Precise Calculation
    The most accurate and time consuming profile to get the best result. This profile is recommended to use after creating a draft with the help of the previous one.
    Small intersections
    If you have a photo set with very low intersections and cannot shoot a new set, then try to use this profile.

  2. Try to disable the crop of the result setting in the profile used.
  3. Try to manually correct the focal length in the profile you are using and/or disable an automatic detection.
  4. In case of glitches in blending between pictures, please try to increase the number of pixels for blending parameter in the current profile.

If this will not fix your problems, please feel free to ask our support department for additional help. Please save your result as a JPEG image with low quality settings and attach it to your email.