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Panorama Composer
If you can not find the answer on your question in this list please feel free to email to support@firmtools.com or post your question at the online forum.

How to compose a proper pan?

To construct a proper pan you need to take photos of the place panoramic view of which you want to get following the described below recommendations.

  • First you need to find the right position in one spot and take photos as you slowly turn around;
  • Each photo should overlap the previous one by 30% to 50% (the more overlap the easier the stitching will be), the last picture should overlap the first one (in case you want to get the round pan);
  • To get the proper overlap and keep the camera level at the same time, note what is in the center of your first picture, turn clockwise and line this up with the center of your next picture's left edge;
  • Do not change the focus or zoom of your camera while you take the photos or you will change your camera's perspective.


How to take pictures for a circular pan?

If you want to create the round pan you should take the pictures as described in How to compose a proper pan? The only difference should be the that when you're taking photos the last picture should overlap the first one.


Can I use photos from film to compose a pan?

Yes, you can use photos from film to create a pan. You can scan photos, slides or the film yourself or let the photo lab do it for you. Here we give you some tips on how to get better results if you decide to scan yourself:

  • Scan at the highest resolution;
  • Scan with the clean machine,
  • In case you scan film make sure your negatives are clean and scratch free.


If I want to send a pan by email how should I save it?

You can send a pan by email in any format that is proposed with our program. Please check the list below to understand which format suits for your case.

  • If you save the pan in JPG format you can send it by email and person that receives it can view it in any viewer;
  • When you save the pan in EXE format the viewer goes together with it. The person that receives your pan only has to run the received exe file and view your panorama;
  • If you save the pan in HTML format you should send both saved HTML and jpg files with the similar name.


How to view a pan?

  1. If you save Panorama as JPEG file you can view it using any image or panorama viewer;
  2. If you save pan as HTML file you can view it in web browser;
  3. If you save Panorama as EXE file in the FirmTools Panorama Viewer.


Why do I need ActiveX and where I can get it?

The ActiveX is the plug-in for the Internet Explorer browser that allows you to view the result panorama on the web. If you create a pan with our Panorama Composer the result pan will be displayed as the web page automatically. If the ActiveX is not installed on your computer then you'll be informed about that with the pop-up dialog.